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AWAT Consulting

AWAT Consulting

For All Your Operations and Manufacturing Needs.

Projects Worked On

Below is a selection of Testimonials posted by AWAT customers

John Powell General Manager Sales & Marketing Tatua Dairy

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value “Andrew is a highly regarded processed cheese expert. I would recommend him to anyone looking for expertise in this field.”

Annette Brune Owner, Orrani Consulting Ltd

“We have worked with Andrew on a number of occasions - his knowledge and expertise in his area are impressive and he is an excellent partner to work with - very informative, responsive, timely and delivers excellent value for money.”

Nicky Molloy Business Development Manager at Tatua Dairy Co-Operative

“Andrew has provided excellent knowledge and support. He has a wealth of knowledge from his extensive working career across a range of companies and from working within different markets. He offers practical and honest advice and a pleasure to work alongside.”

Russel Dunn, Regional Quality Manager (MEA), Kraft Foods

“I worked with Andrew on a Greenfield build and start-up in MEA, his great experience was essential to the success of the project. Andrew was responsible for bringing together a new group of people and created a strong functioning team that helped to deliver a smooth start-up and full production within a remarkably short timeframe. His forthright style, strong sense of humour and approachability contributed directly to keeping the team and project on track.”

Simone Gilea, Manager HR & CI, Kraft Foods Romania

“Andrew is full of energy and passion when dealing with projects, particularly in manufacturing area. As an action oriented person he expects full engagement of all those around him. He knows how to challenge people in order to get the best out of them. He has the courage to make tough decisions and he assumes the consequences. Andrew easily works with both shop floor people or managers of different nationalities or seniority. He has a good sense of humour and is addicted to sports, inspiring all those around him.”

Sean Murphy, General Manager, Kraft Foods

“Andrew is an expert in his field, committed to best practice and a pleasure to work with."

Murtaza Matawala, HR Manager, Almarai Company

“I worked with Andrew when he was Plant Manager for Cheese factory. He very quickly became popular and was seen as people person in Almarai. People in Almarai still admire him for his professional and personal guidance which lead them to success.”

Anirban Bhanja, Site Quality Assurance Manager, Almarai

“Andrew has focused approach. He is pragmatic and very resourceful. He has vast experience in dairy industry particularly in Cheese sector. He is factual decision maker. He is an excellent team leader.”

William McCormick, Owner, Cartridge World Malta

“Worked with Andrew during his tenure at Almarai, always found him to be a pragmatic "get the job done" type of person who was prepared to see others perspective and add value where ever possible.”

Alan Bird, Financial Controller, Kapiti Cheeses Limited

“Andrew's role as Operations Manager at Kapiti Cheeses included managing the cheese production, ice cream production and packaging operations of the company. During that time he made improved overall operations of the company resulting in financial gains and won both the respect of his staff and colleagues”

Michael Jones, Country Manager - Ingredients, NZMP Philippines

“Andrew is a results driven and loyal individual blending in pure intellect, practicality and purpose with an amazing sense of humour. Andrew is very personable and tells things as they are, however in the right manner and in the right style. Andrew is very comfortable in front of Customers and can clearly articulate concepts, details or information at the appropriate level for the audience. Andrew also has a vast global experience which makes Andrew an invaluable asset to any Company whom who works for or with

Rick Carmont, Cheese Development Manager, New Zealand Dairy Board

“Andrew was stationed by the NZDB in various markets around the world to either oversee new investments in processed cheese or to trouble-shoot difficult plants until they were put back to a high quality steady state. Andrew possesses and has demonstrated exceptional professional knowledge, expertise and I think he quintessentially has the rare talent to combine this capacity into an exacting pragmatic application. In my later role as CEO of Marlborough Cheese, I contracted Andrew to project manager a new process cheese plant through to final commissioning. This was done on time and under budget to a high standard. It is also claimed that Andrew has a working knowledge of English football. While this disputed by some he continues with this passion.”

Bob Major, Managing Director China, Fonterra Co-operative Group

“While employed by the NZ Dairy Board, Andrew lead a project to design, implement and build a processed cheese factory within a dual-product factory put up by the company in Guangzhou, China. Under difficult conditions, and with China not being as developed as it is now, the factory was successfully built to the standards of a major multinational customer. Andrew was a strong part of the team, leading the cheese part which he did successfully and in good humour

Alan Bennett, Site Manager - Lichfield, Anchor Products Ltd

“As a technical support person I can not speak highly enough of Andrew's ability. His professional approach to his role and his team appoach to working with cross functional industry work teams is second to none.”

Mal Beniston, Fonterra Co-operative Group

“I worked with Andrew in the mid 90's at the NZDB now Fonterra. Andrew in my experience was a hard worker, lateral thinker, highly intelligent Overall an ethical and thoroughly reliable and professional.”